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My Process For Financial Planning

The process is simple. I want to help you reach your financial goals with peace of mind and economic confidence. I offer different packages, including hourly advice, to accommodate your needs and budget.  

Comprehensive Financial Plan Package

Complimentary Consultation

During a complimentary 30-minute conversation, we will review your current situation and your future goals. I want to know about you and your dreams, how you came to be at this position in life, what's the greatest financial decision you ever made, and where you see yourself going. At the end of this 30 minutes we will both decide if we want to work with each other.

Discovery Call

A 60- minute Initial Discovery Meeting via Zoom. The discovery call is all about you, and how we can start to build you a better financial future. We will take a look at where you are today and what you want to accomplish in the future. Prior to our call, I will send you a link to Right Capital (your own personal website and app) so you can begin entering your financial information and there is a Vault so you can upload your financial documents so I can review them. You will be able to monitor your finances 24/7. We will also find out what your risk score is. After this meeting I will start on your financial plan.

Recommendations Call

I will review your comprehensive financial plan based on your financial history, where you stand today, and what your financial goals are for tomorrow. The recommendations are customized to help you reach your financial goals with peace of mind. Your plan will include a detailed action list that I will help you implement into your day-to-day life. The recommendations include the following:

  • Balance Sheet (assets, liabilities, and new worth)
  • An asset allocation recommendation for your current 401(k) or work retirement plan.
  • Life insurance & disability insurance review and recommendations.
  • Debt repayment analysis and strategy.
  • Recommendation on how to best setup your savings “buckets” to help meet your savings goals.
  • Recommendations on investment strategy based on your investment goals.
  • Recommendations on retirement planning
  • Recommendations on tax planning
  • Review of current estate plan (wills, beneficiaries, etc.)

Ongoing Check-Ins

Life can change quickly. That’s why we have semi-annual or annual check-in meetings during the year to ensure that your financial plan is still working for you and your goals. These virtual meetings can be as needed or if a major life event occurs. Additionally, you’ll also have access to phone and email support in between meetings.

Jumpstart Package

Ideal is you are just starting out or starting over.

A 60-minute phone call or zoom meeting to discuss:

  • Creating a cash flow plan including help with how to best prioritize savings vs. paying down debt.
  • Debt elimination strategy for student loans and/or credit cards.
  • Review of 401K investment options, employer matching, and vesting schedule.
  • Life insurance & Disability Insurance review.
  • Follow up email with a detailed action list so that you can start implementing my recommendations right away.
  • Help you with implementing the recommendations.

Get Real With Your Money

Most budgeting tools are really expense tracking tools. We see the value in tracking your expenses but first you need to know how much you have available to spend. It is the difference between looking in the rear view mirror versus out the windshield. The rear view mirror tells you where you have been. Looking out the windshield shows you where you are heading.

  • Create a cash flow plan (map) in which you tell your money where to go instead of asking where did my money go?
  • Access to your own client portal 24/7 to view and make changes to your cash flow maps
  • Real integration between your business income and personal cash flow


Investment Management

If you are only interested in investment management I can help with that.

Free Portfolio Risk Analysis

Money Blocks Coaching Call

1 on 1 help uncovering your money blocks and clearing them so you can have confidence, clarity and take back your power around your finances.  In this power hour we will review the workbook and learn a powerful clearing tool to use to clear any blocks in your life.  

Why Clients Enjoy Working With Me

I am a Fiduciary. I have a legal obligation to put your interests first ahead of my own.

No Investment Minimums. You don't need to wait until you have a large sum of money in order for us to work together.

They now have clarity and confidence around their money. They know how to clear their "money blocks" that stand in their way to achieving their dreams.


The minimum fee for Financial Planning is $2,500 based on complexity. Annual update is $500.

For Investment Management clients with $500,000 or more in assets under management with DS Financial Strategies Ongoing Comprehensive Financial Planning services are offered at no additional cost.

Hourly Financial Planning engagements are offered at an hourly rate of $250 per hour.

Jumpstart Package Cost: $1,500.

Get Real With Your Money Cost: $50/month for 12 months or $500 flat fee.

Money Blocks Coaching Call Cost: $250.  

We Work Best With People Who:

  • Focus on their career and family
  • Are Savers or would like to be
  • Value financial advice and could use help navigating through life’s changes
  • Are not attracted to get rich quick schemes or want the latest “hot stock”

We May Not Be The Right Fit If:

  • You are a do-it-yourselfer and like to play the market and only focus on following the latest "hot stock"
  • You are only focused on investment returns instead of following a disciplined and strategic approach
  • You act first and then seek validation to see if you made the right decision later

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