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Business Owners

DS Financial Strategies offers comprehensive reviews of your companies Benefit Plans, Insurance Plans, Buy-Sell Agreements , Stock Option Plans, Health Insurance, Compliance Reviews of your 40lK and Business Succession Planning.

In today’s competitive market place it’s imperative that you offer appropriate benefits to attract and retain top talent. Do not underestimate the value of offering a competitive and unique benefits package.

Business X Pro

The 2006 Pension Protection Act (PPA) is the best piece of retirement planning legislation in decades. It combines the best elements of various retirement plans so we can maximize retirement benefits that are advantageous to the business owner! PPA allows for our advanced tax planning design team and portfolio managers to accomplish this through our program called A Smarter Way 401(k)™.

By better understanding the goals, objectives and corporate structure of your business, our team of experts and actuaries along with your fiduciary Advisor, will develop a program that allows contributions and corresponding tax-deductions for owners that average 3 to 20 times above traditional standalone 401(k) limits of $55,000 to $61,000 for 2018.  Our BusinessXpro™ program and fiduciary Advisors will take that even a giant step further.  As you can see below, they work closely in both an employee workgroup setting and individually with each Plan Participant to help them best accomplish their goals, objectives and manage their individual risk tolerance. Our A Smarter Way 401(k)™ program is designed to help the employer mitigate hidden and misunderstood RISK under the 3(38)-fiduciary responsibility as the plan sponsor. 

Net Retirement Income Maximization™

Our fiduciary advisors are trained to engage business owner-clients with a more tactical approach to a retirement plan. Our unique suite of services accentuates differentiation through an educational experience even the most astute investors haven’t experienced. Ask yourself these questions: (1) What is the discipline your advisor currently employs with your portfolio or retirement plan? (2) What process was used to quantify your plan participants risk tolerance? (3) How important is creating a sustainable rising income stream for the 20, 30 or 40 years you’ll be retired? (4) What percentage of your income would you like to be tax-free? Our unique planning experience allows you to better understand how to maximize your net retirement income.


When you think about your investment portfolio, whether personal or your retirement plan, do you think about risk? Do you know what process was used to define your risk tolerance?  Was it just classified by your age, as a moderate or conservative investor or are you young enough to be an aggressive investor?  What does that really mean? We use a defined process to quantify our client’s risk tolerance using a Nobel prize winning science.  Words like conservative or aggressive mean something different to everyone!  We will establish a risk number based on you and your level of acceptance of market volatility and the impact it will have on your portfolio over time.


A Smarter Way 401(k)™

Our A Smarter Way 401(k) ™ goes beyond a disciplined approach to portfolio management using our Smarter Way Dynamic Allocations™.   This helps to mitigate a catastrophic downside risk for your plan participants.  We will show you how to maximize a tax-deductible retirement plan with contributions up to $500,000 or even $1,000,000 to the Owner(s) or Key-Employee(s) per year.  An optional add-on tax-deductible life insurance benefit can provide additional tax advantage planning opportunities.  Additionally, introducing IRC Section 401(h) where you, as the Owner, can establish a fully tax-deductible, post retirement, tax-free medical expense reimbursement account.


ARBITRAGE Maximization Planning Process™

Through the formation of our strategic alliances including attorney’s, tax experts, a national lending institution, internal plan experts, business owners, entrepreneurs and high net worth Individuals, you can learn how to use little know tax codes to maximize tax-free income along with structuring a tax-free succession plan.  Through our Arbitrage Maximization Planning Process™ we teach you how to efficiency use tax deductible leverage under the tax code to help accomplish the maximum Tax-Free benefits!