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The Spiritual Path To Prosperity... The Truth About Money Revealed

             “My soul’s calling is to show people the truth about money so they can have more abundance and peace of mind in reaching their goals. I love making a positive difference in their lives when it comes to showing them how money really works.”

           Have you ever felt “stuck” in your financial goals? Have you spent years struggling to pay off debt while also trying to save for your future?  In The Spiritual Path to Prosperity...The Truth about Money Revealed, author Dawn Santoriello, CFP® gives you the tools to determine why you’re facing these “money blocks” and how to clear them. She offers her deep knowledge of the financial world by sharing tips and tricks for investing your money to grow your wealth as well as proven strategies for saving. More than that, Dawn gives you a glimpse into her own story by sharing her financial tragedies and triumphs. She’s been there and done that, and now she wants to help you achieve your financial goals.   

            With her belief that positive thoughts create positive circumstances, Dawn brings a spiritual element to her financial strategies. She gives you a step-by-step guide to creating the life you want by releasing any blocks you have regarding money and asking your Higher Power for assistance. In this book, she includes the prayer that dramatically changed her life—and her finances!  

            Once you say this prayer and take these steps toward your financial goals, you can have the life you want…or even something better!

Praise for The Spiritual Path To Prosperity...The Truth About Money Revealed 

The Spiritual Path to Prosperity is a must-read, especially for those of us who are financially challenged. Ms. Santoriello explains the inner workings of money in a clear and concise way, which I found most helpful. As a spiritual person, I really appreciated the spirituality that Ms. Santoriello brought to this topic. It’s an excellent reminder that having all your ducks in a row is important, but so is relying on your Higher Power. I learned so much from reading this book, and I urge you to get yourself a copy! ~Brigid Levi

I want to start investing for my future because I understand I’ll never get this time back but everything I’ve read, all the advice I’ve received has been so complicated and confusing. I assumed financial advisors only worked with wealthy people. How nice to learn there are trustworthy people that will work with me! Life insurance is something I considered myself much too young to consider. The way this author presented and explained insurance and investing was invaluable for me. ~Morgan Timm college student 

This book is timely for young adults as well as baby boomers and everyone in between. It’s a relevant, enjoyable, and helpful book about the interplay between money and spirituality, and how we are all affected by both. The personal stories the author shares about herself and others left me feeling like I was receiving sage advice from a friend. Insurance has always seemed so complicated to me. Dawn explained it so clearly and the illustrations are clear and precise which made the information so much simpler to comprehend. I plan on gifting this book to college graduates, newlyweds, and empty nesters. ~Doreen McGettigan