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Manifest and Invest

In Manifest and Invest, Dawn Santoriello, CFP® aligns with The Law of Attraction providing practical sound financial advice to help you create a life of abundance. She shares practical, real-world strategies from a positive heart-centered space that uplifts and empowers you to take control.

  • Get Financial peace of mind and economic confidence 
  • Become more efficient with your money 
  • Re-write your “money story” and change your beliefs about money 
  • Find what your money blocks are and clear them 
  • Get the financial tools to build, grow and keep your wealth 
  • Demystify investments - money does not have to be scary
  • Get into the vibration and frequency of money
  • It’s not how much money you have but how much you get to keep.  

Unlock Your Money Blocks E-Book

Unlock Your Money Blocks E-Book

This guide contains step-by-step actions to releasing the 5 biggest 'money blocks' holding you back from gaining confidence, clarity, and power in your financial life."